Hello China!

This is a mirror-site blog, of sorts. I’m starting it because many of my friends in China want to know why they can’t read my regular blog, Flogging Babel. Well . . . as it turns out, the Chinese government blocks access to Blogspot, the hosting entity altogether. So my blog, which contains nothing objectionable to the PRC, is simply caught up with everything else.

So what I’m going to do is this: Starting tomorrow, I’ll post a new entry every day, starting from the beginning of my original blog. Since I’ve been posting three or four times a week, it’ll take less than a month to catch up. After which, I’ll post new blog entries to both sites simultaneously.

And that’s all. My first post touching upon my recent visit to Chengdu should go up in about a week.


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3 Responses to “Hello China!”

  1. Nstar Says:

    Great to see your mirror blog! Hope Chinese readers will like it.

  2. wswdxrl Says:

    i get the sofa!!

    welcome to china you will find a lot of friends here!

  3. Cecilia Says:

    Gosh!Now I see your blog,finally!Thank you for doing this for Chinese readers!

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