Diagramming Babel (Part 4)

(Originally Posted Wednesday, September 5, 2007)


Diagram 4. I’m baffled. The line straight down is Will, obviously. C may possibly refer to the Commandant, also known as the Lamius,“El Lizardo,” and “the Legless One.” But I have no idea who KM is. None whatsoever. By now, the plot would have reached Camp Oberon Displaced Persons Camp, so Nat’s little arrow, connected in no way to Will, is there to remind me that Nat is in the camp, and busily active. It will take a long time for Will to learn this fact, though. The little box alongside Nat’s name reads “Cameo?” But I decided against it.

The rather cryptic “2 radio waves” – or possibly “2 hundred wines” – and “8 (mai 2000)” probably have nothing to do with the novel. I’ll jot down notes to myself in whatever happens to come to hand. They could have something to do with a telephone call. I might have been working on a puzzle of some kind. It’s too far in the past to remember. I’ll never know.


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