Food For Thought

(Originally Posted Sunday, September 9, 2007)

This is a sign I saw on a lobby wall in Chengdu. I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean — it wasn’t near a door or an intersection of anything like that. But what useful advice that would be if only we could all live up to it! Think of all the bad relationships, dull conversations, and toxic marriages that could have been prevented.

Food for thought.


4 Responses to “Food For Thought”

  1. armrow Says:

    Congratulation! It means that you meet Chinglish, and you should accept it very carefully…..

  2. Sam Says:

    You know, they really didn’t want to meet anyone in their hotel. Or they didn’t think they would meet any person who speaks English there. Don’t worry, you would suffer nothing, since there was no door under the sign.

  3. ceci Says:

    where did u see that? I didnt even notice~~~~

    and…now that is a educational sign when you put it that way

    ha ^_^

  4. michaelswanwick Says:

    I’m trying to remember where that was. At lunch after the Forum on Future Chengdu Leisure, perhaps? It was in the lobby between the restaurant (hot pot and David Hill’s Chinese version of Jambalaya) and a microbrewery, and there was a terra cotta display of an ancient Chinese village.

    I myself am in no position to give anybody a hard time for a less-than-perfect translation out of Chinese into English. The entirety of my Chinese vocabulary consists of “xie xie,” accompanied by a smile and the nervous hope that I haven’t said it wrong.

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