The L Word

(Originally Posted Monday, October 29, 2007)

Marianne and Sean and I went to David Axler’s Halloween party this weekend. Axler’s party is a tradition here in Philadelphia. Every year the attendees have to come as someone or something beginning with a particular letter. Since the party began 32 years ago, he’s run through the entire alphabet once, and is on the second go-through. As it chances, I attended the very first party (did I even know David then? Or did I crash it?) as Lochinvar.

This year, Marianne dyed her hair green and glued ants to her forehead, and went as a Lawn. Sean wore a fez and a pencil-thin moustache and carried a rug and classified documents and went as the Levanter. And I, as you can tell from the photo above . . .

Let’s all not raise our hands at once.

. . . went as Lord Weary.

I can only say: Mothers! Warn your children! This is what sex, drugs, and science fiction will do to them.


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