Four-for-Four on the Locus Poll!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008



Jacob Weisman called me from Tachyon Publications yesterday. He was very excited because I made it onto the Locus recommended reading list four times. The Dog Said Bow-Wow was listed under collections, “The Skysailor’s Tale” and “Urdumheim” under novelettes, and “A Small Room in Koboldtown” under short stories.


Jacob was excited because The Dog Said Bow-Wow is a Tachyon book and because “The Skysailor’s Tale” and “Urdumheim” were both credited as being original to it. Technically, Locus was mistaken about “Urdumheim,” which originally appeared in F&SF. But that’s okay, because “Koboldtown,” which originally appeared in Asimov’s, is reprinted in my collection, so he’s four-for-four this year.


You can read the list here.


Jacob would very much like everybody to vote for my collection in the Locus Poll and Survey here.  But he’d be just as happy if you voted for Susan Palwick’s The Fate of Mice or Ellen Klages’ Portable Childhoods. Because they’re Tachyon books too.


If you’d like to vote for either of those books over mine, I certainly won’t be offended. Susan Palwick is a very worthy writer. And Ellen Klages is like a sister to me.


A bratty kid sister.


Hoo-boy. If Ellen wins this thing, I’m going to hear about it from her. So I’ll tell you what. If you vote for her, please make a point of it to look her next the next time you’re both at the same convention, and tell you did so because I told you to. Okay? Thanks.


That’ll really fry her shorts.




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