A Small Room in Koboldtown

Tachyon Publications, the publisher of my newest collection, The Dog Said Bow-Wowhas posted a pdf of “A Small Room in Koboldtown.”  The link can be found at their blog.  Just scroll down the page to the Friday, March 21 entry, “Hugo nominations announced.”
In the description of my story, Jill muses, “I wonder where he puts those funny statuettes.”  For which reason  I added the above photo of the trophy chimney in my office.
If you go down further, to the March 6, “Why you should be careful about asking your authors for help…” entry, wherein Jill opines:
Like any savvy publisher Jacob got on the horn to make sure that his authors actually knew they were nominated . . . and asked them to do what they could to get authors to do what they could to get out the vote for themselves.  Well, authors are funny.  So far there have been posts from Michael Swanwick and Susan Palwick asking for your votes.  They have also had a bit of fun with Jacob for asking them to do so.  Ah, authors, you self-effacing creatures, will you never learn to promote yourselves sans irony?
To which the only possible answer is:  No, of course not.  But Jill also wrote:
Has anyone ever, EVER, described Michael Swanwick as self-effacing?  Okay, it was a stretch.
Which was such an extraordinary statement that I of course had to respond.  You can find out what I said by clicking “1 Comments” immediately under the post.



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