My Best Advice for Gonnabe Writers

MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2008

The promotional season for The Dragons of Babel is mercifully drawing to a close.  Sunday, I appeared with my good pals Judith Moffett (center) and Gregory Frost (right) at Robin’s Books, one of the great holy places of Philadelphia.  Greg was promoting Shadowbridge and Judy her forthcoming novel The Bird Shaman (volume 3 of the Holy Ground Trilogy, after The Ragged World and Time, Like an Ever-Rolling Stream).
Sunday afternoon was bright and beautiful, which is a deadly combination for bookstore readings.  Plus, at the same time, the monthly masked anti-Scientologist protest was taking place only a few blocks away, thus drawing away (I believe) many people who are naturals for the sort of weirdness served up the the Three Amigos.  So the crowd was small but select.  
But this gives me the opportunity to repeat . . .
My Best Advice For Gonnabe Writers
While you’re working toward getting published, take every opportunity you can to go to readings and public appearances by writers you know are good.   Pay close attention to how they’re treated.
That way, when it happens to you, you won’t slit your throat.

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